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Thank you for visiting Beyond Busy Beauty and taking a minute to get to know me. I hope I get a chance to know more about you in the future.

My name is Susan Kapernick. I live in Chesterfield Township, Michigan which is a suburb to the city of Detroit. I live with my husband, three children (ages 8, 6, and 4) and an adorable hamster named Nibbles. Beyond being a busy mom, I am a school counselor at a local middle school (parents of 11-14 year olds you have my heart). I also am an Independent Artist for Seint (formally Maskcara Beauty) and creator of Beyond Busy Beauty. 

When I'm not helping resolve middle school drama or washing never ending piles of laundry or making plans for what my family is going to eat (seriously it seems they are always eating) I enjoy a pretty simple life. I love playing at the park with my children or taking family trips - our next stop is Niagara Falls. My girlfriends are my respite so I enjoy going out for dinner, drinks and laughing. I am also a Netflix documentary junkie, pretty sure I've seen them all.


I fell in love with Seint products when first and foremost as a customer long before I decided to join the company as an Independent Artist. You are welcome to read all about my struggles with my skin and self-confidence in my blog article More than Just Makeup.  All girls and women deserve to know what it feels like to feel beautiful. To not be told by someone else but to truly feel yourself that you are Beautiful. By enhancing the best parts of me, not covering me up, Seint can and does do just that. I would be honored to be your personal Seint Artist. I am happy to help color match you, chat beauty products and application or explore the business opportunity if you are interested. Feel free to message me below or reach out on Facebook. Let's talk soon.

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The Company

Seint (formally Maskcara Beauty) was founded by Cara Brook, beauty blogger/makeup artist, in 2013 on the idea that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman’s face, rather than covering it up. Our premier one of a kind IIID foundation enhances skin tone, camouflages blemishes and dark circles, sculpts features and creates the “perfect lighting” on your face all in one quick application.

The Makeup

Seint allows customers to create refillable palettes with highlight, contour, blush, illuminator, and/or eyeshadows perfectly selected to meet their needs without paying for colors you don't want or need. And our beautiful compacts organize your routine all into one space. It also makes it easy to change up your look by swapping out colors at any time.

Color Matching can be done in person with a local Seint Artist or if you prefer (like I did) all online. Take the Color Match Quiz below to get combine the ease of online color matching with personal Seint Artist support. 

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