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Get Color Matched

Getting Started

When getting started with Seint the first thing you need to do is learn your IIID Foundation colors. As a Seint artist and color matching expert, I have been specifically trained to match my beautiful customers online. It’s my job to make sure you get the right colors for your skin tone so you can feel confident with your new makeup and look good too!

I offer two different options to get you color matched as quickly as possible from the comfort of you own home.

  • My Maskcara Match Quiz. Take The Online Color Match Quiz below! It's been tested and proven by thousands of interested customers like you, so take it in confidence and get ready to rock your perfect colors.

  • Custom Color Matching. Whether you take the quiz and just want a second opinion or you want some one-on-one help, then simply click below and follow the steps to get a personal Seint color match and consultation.

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