Taking the Color Match Quiz is a great way to learn which Maskcara Beauty shades are best for your skin tone. However sometimes it's nice to get a second opinion and have a more personal touch. Turns out that's simple too. 



 Just Send Me a Selfie

Instructions for color matching upload:

Send me a makeup and filter-free selfie in natural light! The best way to do this is find a window in your home that gets lots of light, face the window, take a few steps back and take a pic of your gorgeous face.

Snapping the picture without makeup (and filter free) gives me a more accurate idea of your undertones and colors in your skin so I can make solid recommendations. And lighting is key! Make sure to avoid direct sunlight. Standing outside in bright daylight will make your skin look much darker or if there is sunlight beaming in through the window (especially at sunrise or sunset) you tones may appear warmer than they truly are. Whereas, standing indoors in a dark area or lit with artificial lighting will completely change the tone of your skin as well. So the BEST depiction is with natural light that is not casting harshly on your face!