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10 Reasons that the Maskcara Opportunity is the Real Deal

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

10 Reasons to Join Maskcara Beauty as an Independent Artist

Joining a multi-level marketing (mlm) company was never something I even considered until recently when the opportunity to join Maskcara as an Independent Artist arose. I have always thought mlm's were sketchy and probably a pyramid scheme. Honestly, I never saw them as legitimate opportunities to start your own business and kind of thought I was "above all that nonsense"- until now. So what changed my mind? Why now? Why this company? I have lots of reasons but below I will highlight my top 10.


How to Apply Maskcara Beauty 3D Foundation

Oh my goodness ladies, I love this makeup! Months before I ever considered becoming an Independent Artist for Maskcara I was a customer. I fell in love with the cream foundations, the brushes, the compacts everything. The application could not be more simple (it's like paint by number - for your face) and it covers and blends flawlessly, every time. My morning makeup routine is legit only 8 minutes now. And I love that I can keep it all in the same beautiful compact. I no longer need a "makeup drawer" or have brushes, blushes, and lipsticks littering my bathroom counter. And most importantly, when I wear Maskcara 3D Foundation I feel beautiful and that's a feeling worth sharing.


Cara Brooks is the creator and owner of Maskcara Beauty

Maskcara Beauty was founded by Cara Brooks, a makeup artist and beauty blogger. Cara has always believed that makeup should enhance a person's natural beauty rather than cover it up. Her vision of 3D Foundation was that all women could quickly and easily apply one layer of foundation that could enhance skin tone, camouflage blemishes and dark circles, sculpt features and create a lit from within glow. In January 2017, Cara was ready to expand her reach with her product and even though she fielded offers from Urban Outfitters, Sephora and Free People to carry her makeup in their stores it was important to Cara that consumers were seen as more than just customers and acknowledged as the unique and beautiful women they are before and after applying her products. Her decision to launch the Independent Artist program was her way of making sure that there was personal connections and service being provided to anyone who chose to wear her makeup.


The Maskcara Beauty Mission Statement

It is not often that I bother to read a company's mission statement and when I do it is even rarer that the company is operating in a way that lives and breathes what they say. Maskcara is an exception. As a counselor it is important to me that girls and women are taught and encouraged to see their beauty that exists both inside and out. Even as a makeup company their vision encompasses so much more.


Maskcara Beauty Artist Opportunity

The market is so new with Maskcara. Mary Kay and Avon have more than 4 million distributors. Lipsense has over 160,000 and Younique has 500,000. Currently Maskcara has approximately 5000 across the country - 5000! Maskcara Independent Artists have enormous opportunity to grow their business and reach new customers. In my state of Michigan there are just over 40 Artists in the entire state. It's hard to pass up on an opportunity like this.


Maskcara Beauty Commission

All Maskcara Artists receive, at minimum, 20% commission on their sales. There are no monthly quotas that need to be reached in order to receive this. But in order to reward artists who are hustling the compensation plan offers an incentive to selling more with a tiered level of increased commission.

Artists are also compensated for expanding their business and signing up and training new artists. And to be clear, artists are NOT compensated when they sign up a new artist to their team. When an artist signs up a new artist to her team only when the new artist is selling and being successful does the enrolling artist receive any compensation. This system helps ensure that artists are seeking out interested potential artists and training them to work their own business not just enrolling others to make a profit off someone signing up then abandoning them.

Artists have the ability to receive infinite downline commissions. The hard to work to expand your team and sell the product does not expire. And as an artist increased in rank within the company they are compensated accordingly. Moving up in rank is rewarded with more than just a new title but in an increased paycheck as well.


Maskcara Independent Artist


Some direct sales companies require their salespeople to purchase their own inventory in advance and then package and ship it out to customers as orders come it. This can be very risky and expensive. Maskcara takes care of all that. Once orders are places the company takes over the responsibility of fulfilling, packing (beautifully by the way) and shipping orders directly to the customers. This also means that your 20%+ commission is your actual profit, no need to deduct your cost for mailers, packing materials, postage and time.


To enroll as an artist you are required to purchase an artist kit. There are 2 kits, basic and pro. The basic kit is $199 and the pro kit is $399. Both include a variety of products to show and use for makeovers for potential customers. There is no added bonus, beyond the material in the kit itself, for purchasing one kit over the other. The only other ongoing expense is $9.95 per month for use of a personalized website. You can sell as much or as little as you want, there is no penalty for taking a month off or if worse comes to worse and you later decide being an artist doesn't fit in your life you are left with no debt and the remains of your kit.


Once a customer places an order through you as their artist they are your customer - for life. So when months down the road and they need to order a refill or want to try new colors, they sign on, order and you get notified. Artists don't need to fight with each other over customers and cannot "steal"them away. This system creates a great opportunity for residual income for artists.


Growing a business is important but Maskcara sees value in making sure growth does not sacrifice their products or customer services. Controlled Recruiting means that Maskcara is willing to temporarily pause recruiting to help manage inventory and ensure that it meets the needs of the current artists


The family atmosphere that is alive within the Maskcara community is positive, fulfilling and passionate. Artists work together on and with their teams to help one another be successful. Artists create training opportunities, share strategies for success and resources, and provide encouragement and friendship. The family of artists seem to understand when everyone is doing well and meeting their own measure of success that Maskcara can only grow stronger.

If you are interested in signing up and enrolling as a Maskcara artist I would love to have you on my team. Our team is made up of women from across the country all at different places in our lives and in the business. Our team offers resources and support to help get you off and running your business.

To select your Artist Kit and get started click here to be directed to Maskcara website. Or click on the Go Beyond Beauty tab at the top of this page.

If you have questions or just want to chat more about the business opportunity please contact me. I promise - no pressure. This is an opportunity I am glad I didn't pass on - won't you join me?


Join Maskcara Beauty

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