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Become a Seint Artist in Canada

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Maskcara Beauty Canada


It's official. Seint (formerly Maskcara Beauty) is coming to Canada in 2019. This launch has been highly anticipated since Maskcara's transition into direct sales in 2017. Prior to changing the company's sales model women all over Canada were trying, loving and using Maskcara's IIID foundation. However the switch to a direct sales model required the company to pause selling in Canada and get some additional things completed in order to be able to ship and provide products and customer service to her adoring Canadian fans. Well the time as finally arrived! Maskcara Beauty will be launching its' products and Independent Artist program in Canada on March 25, 2019!!

I am thrilled for those interested in using Maskcara Beauty products or joining the Artist program. I had never been a part of a direct selling company before Maskcara and have been overwhelmed with the opportunities it has afforded me. Beyond being a financial blessing to my family my involvement in the artist program has fostered the growth of genuine friendships with women across the States and has challenged me personally and professionally to grow in ways I was not prepared for.

So let's get you all the information you need about the Maskcara Beauty Canada Launch!

Maskcara Beauty Canada

Here is a list of frequently asked questions:


When does Maskcara Beauty launch in Canada?

  • The official launch takes place on March 25, 2019. And to celebrate all CANADIAN orders placed on that day with receive a free Desert Sunset Lip & Cheek

How do you place an order? Who can be my artist?

  • All orders are placed online. The website is the same for both Canada and the US. Based on your geographical location it should default to the correct country. If needed there is will also be a dropdown menu in the top right corner to select your country if needed.

  • Cross-border customers are allowed. If you are a customer from Canada and ordering from a US artist, you will just want to confirm that you have the Canadian flag up in the corner on the artists page before completing your order.

Will all Maskcara Beauty products be available in Canada?

  • For the most part YES! There are a small handful of exceptions which include Stay Spray with SPF, a few compact colors and the Artist Pro Kit. These will not be available. However all our foundation shades, eyeshadows, skincare, brushes and so much more is waiting for you.

Does Maskcara have a shipping facility in Canada or will I be charged additional fees (customs)?

  • Maskcara will have their own warehouse facility in Canada so all products will be shipped directly from there. So no additional custom fees or taxes!

How much will shipping cost?

  • Shipping will be C$3.95 on all orders under C$100. Spending more than C$100? Well then shipping is FREE! Maskcara has heavily subsidized the cost of shipping in Canada to the best of their ability to get Canadians the lowest shipping cost available.

What about returns or exchanges? Who do I contact for customer service?

  • Canadian customers will still benefit from the same 30 day money-back guarantee return policy. Customers are responsible for return shipping costs.

  • The customer service for Canada is the same as the US. Please use the contact form on the website to contact ASK with any questions or concerns.

Maskcara Beauty Canada


How do I sign up to be an artist? How much does it cost?

  • To begin as an artist you would first need to select an artist under whom to sign up. The process for signing up is the same no matter the originating country of the signee and sponsor. Meaning a Canadian artist can sign up under a US artist and vice versa.

  • Once you've selected your sponsor you begin the artist program by purchasing an Artist Kit. Only the Basic Kit will be offered to Canadian artists at this time. Canadian regulations prevent Maskcara from offering the Pro Kit. The Basic Kit costs C$279 plus C$16.95 for shipping

  • Similarly to US artists there is an additional monthly back-office fee. This fee is C$14.95

Maskcara Beauty Canada Artist Kit

How do I make money?

  • Artists can make money from commissions from the sale of products. Baseline commission is 20% but can increase up to 40% depending on your total sales volume.

  • Artists can also make money by choosing to build their own team of artists. When you create a team you will spend time mentoring and supporting them. The time and effort in these tasks is compensated with additional bonuses and commissions. Get detailed information about the Maskcara Beauty Universal Compensation Plan here.

How will Canadian Artists be paid?

  • Artists are paid using Paylutions. Paylutions is an online system which allows you to receive payments electronically and transfer them quickly and efficiently into your bank account or onto a Paylution Visa Prepaid Card.

When is payday?

  • Weekly commissions are paid out every Friday.  The pay period is for the previous week of orders from Monday – Sunday.  Monthly bonuses are paid out on the 10th of every month.

Do I need a permit to be a Maskcara Artist?

  • If you reside in Canada certain provinces require individuals to obtain a special license to do direct sales in Canada. The cost of this license would be the responsibility of the Artist. More information will be available soon.

Can anyone in Canada become a Maskcara Artist?

  • Regretfully, due to regulations, Maskcara Beauty is not able to support artists in Quebec at this time.

Interested in joining the Maskcara Beauty Artist Program? I hope so.

Click here to connect and get more information about joining as a Canadian Artist.

Maskcara Beauty

I also invite you to follow my Maskcara Beauty Canada facebook page and/or join my Maskcara Beauty Artist Canada facebook group. Stay informed, get excited, ask questions.

Maskcara Beauty Canada

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