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Blush, Bronzer, Contour . . . What Goes Where?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Settling the Difference between Blush, Bronzer, and Contour

Maskcara Beauty Bronzer, Blush, Contour

Makeup is growing out of its awkward teenage phase. We've finally learned that we don't need to cover our natural beauty with a face painted with makeup; we've learned that we can use makeup to accentuate our natural beauty. Now it's time to solidify our makeup evolution with a complete understanding of the difference between blush, bronzer and contour. Gaining an understanding of these three cosmetics will sharpen, simplify and brighten your makeup routine.

What is Blush and How is it Used?

Maskcara Beauty Lip and Cheek

Blush is a cosmetic that is used to redden the area of your face that naturally reddens in the cold, the apples of your cheeks! Though that sounds simple, there are many ways to confuse and misapply blush. For example, some choose to use blush to line their cheekbones. The reason this is a makeup mistake is because when we naturally blush, our face doesn't redden along our cheekbones, it reddens in the apples of our cheeks. It is a simple mistake to make, but a grand one because it changes the entire look of our faces. Another makeup mistake that people tend to make with blush is choosing the wrong color. The blush you use should be very close to the color your face turns when you naturally blush. Blush shouldn't be orange or purple, but closer to the spectrum between soft peach, pink and red. Maskcara offers an stunning line of blushes. From bright red to subtle pinks. Matte or glossy finishes. And even better Maskcara's line doubles as a lip color as well. Two birds, one stone.

What is Bronzer and How is it Used?

Bronzer is a cosmetic used to add warmth to the face. In essence, bronzer simulates a sun-kissed face. When under sunlight, the parts of our face that are most brightened include our cheeks, nose and forehead; and that is exactly where bronzer should be applied. Though bronzer does get applied to our cheeks, it should never be confused with blush. Bronzer does not redden the face, it brightens it with colors like beige, copper and bronze. It should be applied to your face with a soft brush after foundation and contour. It can be applied in place of blush on your cheeks if your'd prefer but looks stunning over a soft blush to give it a little something extra. Maskcara Beauty has two bronzers in their collection. The Cayman Bronzer is a matte powder bronzer in the perfect mid-tone brown for an island glow! And Bella Creme Bronzer, a soft shimmery brown that offers the sun-kissed color you've been craving for summer.

What is Contour and How is it Used?

Maskcara Beauty Contour Shades

Contour is a cosmetic used to create shadows in the hollows of your face for a defined effect. The hollows of your face include the hairline, temple area, underneath the cheekbones, below the jawline and along the bridge of the nose. Contour should be a bit darker than your base foundation with a matte finish. It's important not to confuse contour with bronzer because they have opposite yet complimentary effects; contour creates shadows while bronzer illuminates. That being said, though you can use a bronzer with a matte or shimmery finish, you should never use a shimmery contour. Maskcara's premier 3D foundation was designed to make highlighting and contouring simple and accessible to everyone, not just the Kardashians. The current, but always expanding, line features Contour in seven different shades so anyone with any color skin tone can find their perfect match. For color matching help take my color match quiz or reach out to get custom color matched by me today.

Settling the Confusion of Blush, Bronzer, and Contour

Now that we have a solid understanding of blush, contour, and bronzer, let's promise ourselves that we'll never again use blush for contour, contour for bronzer, or bronzer for blush. These three cosmetics are very different, and play unique roles in our makeup routines. You don't have to use all three everyday. Some days you may just want to use bronzer on your cheeks, nose and forehead for some dimension. Some days, just a bit of blush on the apple of your cheeks might do it for you.

To keep it simple for yourself, Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation includes your highlight, contour and blush in one palette. Add a tin of your favorite bronzer, Maskcara carries on in a powder and cream, and you are done!

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