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Everything You Need to Know About Illuminator

Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara) illuminators

Maybe illuminator is a new product to you or maybe you have an illuminator but you aren't sure how to use it. Never fear, I'm here. I say that as someone who is not a makeup snob! I've spent most of my adult life feeling pretty clueless about makeup. It wasn't until I discovered Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara Beauty) that I really fell in love with makeup and felt confident about it. So don't worry. Wherever you are with makeup knowledge and skills, I'm not laughing at you from my airbrushed tower. I get it. I was there too not long ago. I wish that I could come over and chat with you and show you how easy it actually is to put on your makeup and have it look good! I want to give you that confidence that I've found. Since we can't sit at the mirror together this blog post will have to do.

Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara) Illuminators

So let's talk Illuminator. This is the element of our foundation that I was totally unfamiliar with when I started using Seint, because it is so often overlooked! An illuminator does exactly what it says - it brightens and illuminates. It adds a bit of shine and glow. Generally we don't want out entire face glowing. We like matte finish powders and those of us with oily skin fight hard to keep our finished look from being greasy. The thing is once we have a matte powder on we can look a little dull. This is where illuminator comes in and gives us a bit of brightness in just the right spots.

Just to clear up some language confusion. Seint's illuminators are what are sometimes referred to as highlights by other makeup brands. This is not to be confused with Seint's Highlight shades which tend are best compared to a main foundation. I know it's weird. Just go with it.

Where should you apply illuminator? To add a touch of brightness in just the right places follow this guide applying illuminator on your:

  1. Brow bone

  2. Inner eye

  3. Upper cheekbone

  4. Cupids bow

  5. Bottom lip

Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara) Illuminators

How to apply illuminator? I usually just use my finger to add a touch of illuminator but you could also use a small brush like the multitasker. If you put on too much or it doesn't look blended, finish up with the perfector sponge.

What color illuminator should I use? The awesome thing about illuminators is you don't have to match them to the color of your skin! All of Seint Beauty's illuminator colors look great on every skin tone so just pick the one you like or buy them all and use them for different occassions. Seint offers five shades of cream illuminator: Pearl, Honey, Angel, Rose Gold and Glow and five shades of powder illuminator: Starlet, Glamazing, Georgia, Goldie and Photoshop.

Seint Beauty (formerly Maskcara) Illuminators

Using one of our five gorgeous cream shades shades or five butterly poweder illuminators applied in specific ways will give your face a candlelit dewiness that pulls your look together. An illuminator can also assist in creating a smooth and flawless complexion, and who doesn’t want that?!

There you have it! The complete, simple guide to Illuminators! Click the shop button to check out all Seint Illuminators.

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