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Just Browsing Around: Guide to Natural Looking Eyebrows

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Do you want to know a quick fool-proof secret to a fresh, youthful and more groomed look? The answer is simple: natural-looking, neat AND defined brows! Plus, naturally shaped brows help frame your face and eyes beautifully - it's such an easy trick, but your brows really can perform wonders.

Guide to Natural Looking Eyebrows

Good news is you don't need a lot of tools of products to get your browns on-point. Maskcara Beauty has one dual-sided brush that can take of all your brow grooming needs. The Know Your Angles Brow Brush. The two sides work together to help define features and enhance a natural look! The angled side will make application precise and easy to mimic natural brow hairs, while the spoolie end is the idea toll for blending product into your brows and gently brushing your brows into the perfect shape that compliments your face.

Let's Take a Closer Look

The Angled End

Maskcara Know Your Angles Brow Brush

This super thin, high quality brush really works its magic on perfecting that precised yet natural looking brow exactly where you want to add color to smooth into your desired shape of fill in any gaps. For natural-looking brows, choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your own brow color and build the color up with thin layers. Maskcara has the perfect eyeshadows that can double as color for filling in brows.

The Spoolie End

The bristles on the spoolie brush are soft enough to protect the delicate skin around your eyes but are still ultra-efficient at grooming, styling and taming any unruly hairs into your chosen shape. You can even use this brush to add any brow gel for extra staying power.

To achieve a quick "face-lift," simply groom your brows into the perfect shape for you face with these simple tips:

  • First brush your brows up using the Spoolie end of the Know Your Angles Brow Brush. This will allow you to see any gaps your will need to fill in.

  • Brush the top of your browns upward until the arch of your brown an downward after the arch.

  • Using the Angled end of the Know Your Angles Brow Brush, create short, light strokes in the direction of the hair growth, lightly filling in any gaps in your brow. Start at the bottom, inner base where your brow naturally starts. Draw gentle little feather strokes along the bottom of your brow line, mimicking your natural hairs. When you reach the arch of your brow, go into the hair itself down to the tail end of the brow and continue to delicately feather short strokes to mimic the hair growth.

  • If you want your brows to look more defined, draw a delicate line along the bottom base of your brows up to the arch.

  • For simple, natural-looking brows, use color sparingly applying light layers and working up to the desired shade.

  • To avoid any harsh lines or edges, flip the brush back to the spoolie end and brush the color through your brows to soften the looks. Use the tip of the brush to tame any hairs sticking upwards.

  • If you'd like a stronger, slightly more defined brow, go over brows again with the color, filling in any areas you'd like more definition, always taking care to mimic how your brow hairs grow naturally.

  • For longer lasting brows and to help tame any unruly strays, use a clear brow gel through the brows from root to tip with the Spoolie end.

  • Admire your stunning and natural looking brows.

I recommend using our brow collection to create the perfect color!

Maskcara Eyebrow Color Options



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