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Maskcara Beauty Product Guide: Contour

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Maskcara Beauty Product Guide

I know. You hear the word contour, and you are picturing a makeup artist working magic on a celebrity and think it’s above your pay grade immediately. Or you think of Kim Kardashian and a thick face of caked on makeup applied in time-consuming layer after layer. I can so relate! Before Maskcara, I had no idea how easy and effective (and fast) contouring could be.

Where Do You Apply Contour?

Anyone can reap the benefits of using contouring, including the illusion of lifted cheekbones and a more sculpted face. Traditional one color foundation can make your face look flat and lifeless. By adding contour to the correct places on your face you can create a 3D effect and bring to life your beautiful features.

The goal of contour is to create a shadow effect on your face so that focus shifts to your eyes. The proper places to apply contour are:

  • directly underneath your cheekbones to make them pop!

  • along your hairline to cast shadow on your forehead

  • along your jawbone to define your bone structure

  • on the sides of the top of your nose to create a slimming effect

Maskcara Beauty Where to apply contour

Maskcara makes it easy to add contouring to your comfort zone! It is an essential piece of 3D foundation that allows you to highlight your natural beauty in a single layer and look and feel gorgeous.

Our contour comes in nine shades, and as I mentioned with the highlight please feel free to utilize my color matching quiz or shoot me a selfie if you aren’t sure which shade will be best!

Maskcara Contours

Interested in purchasing a contour color for your beauty routine? Click here to purchase!


Maskcara Product Guide: Contours

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