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Maskcara Color Matching: What Shade is Right for Me?

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

So you have done your research, read some information, checked out before and after pictures and you are excited to give Maskcara a try. AWESOME! The best way to get the best colors selected, is to contact me! With just a simple selfie I will personally look at your gorgeous face and tell you what colors I would recommend for you. Here is how to take the PERFECT selfie for color matching.

Take the perfect natural light selfie

Color Match Yourself

Now I know that not every one feels comfortable going that route. Sometimes you just want to order – that is how I bought the makeup my first time. So here is a quick guide to color match yourself and hurry and get your Maskcara goodies in the mail.

My first recommendation for self color matching is to take my quick color match quiz. This quiz is asking you to assess different features of your skin. Doing so helps identify your skin’s undertones. After identifying your skin’s undertones you are asked to select the shade of your skin (from very fair to deep dark). This selection will then pair you with a highlight and contour shade recommended for you based on your answers. This quiz is usually pretty accurate and 9 out of 10 times, women will fit into one of these colors perfectly. For more comparison and options consult this color matching chart.


Next step is to head to the SHOP NOW page, create and order your custom palette and add any brushes or tools you want to your cart. Now you just sit and wait for your package to arrive in the mail. Boom, done.

Hopefully you have successfully color matched yourself for a Maskcara Palette and are on your way to easier, less frustrating days with makeup. When you get your palette and start loving it, I would love if you would privately message me with a selfie or post a selfie on Instagram and tag @beyondbusymom so I can see your beautiful face. I love seeing pictures of happy customers looking gorgeous in their new makeup.

During your application is you are having trouble getting things “just right” I have some trouble shooting tips for you to try. If you determine, either on your own or with my help, that maybe you need a different shade of highlight or contour Maskcara does free exchanges for 30 days, so take advantage.

Maskcara Foundation Application Tips

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