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Maskcara- Perfect Busy Mom Makeup

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Maskcara The Perfect Busy Mom Makeup

I don't know about you, but I do not have time to do a full beauty routine every morning. My day starts at 5:00am (ugh!) and I have to get myself ready for work, my three kids up, dressed, fed and packed for school. I give myself an hour and half to get that and if I am lucky we are in the car in time for me to do quick drop offs and speed off to my job as a middle school counselor. I like to look somewhat presentable on the job and I always feel better when I look put together. That's where Maskcara Beauty comes in.

Maskcara IIID Foundation is your entire face of makeup in one customized compact: highlight, contour, blush, and illuminator. And the best part is, it is also just one layer of makeup. No more caked on makeup, looking washed out or cracking foundation. After you are color matched it is super simple to keep everything in one place and just replace shades as you need them making this so much cheaper and neater than having multiple bottles, containers, and compacts stuffed in a makeup bag or spread out across my counter

Even better than the storage, the application of Maskcara typically doesn't take me longer than 8 minutes (I've timed myself). It goes on effortlessly in a "paint by number" type system making it almost foolproof. I can put everything on with one hand, apply it mostly to the right spots and then blend. Especially using Maskcara brushes and the perfector sponge, blending is so easy.

It also lasts all day. I have typically oily skin and past makeup has barely made it to 10:00am before it slid off my face and it looked like I had never bothered to apply makeup to begin with. The flawless finish lasts all day. I use the Stay Spray to help as well. My makeup still looks as great at bedtime as it did in the morning.

So for me Maskcara just makes sense. It saves me time in the morning, so I can get on to my day and the things that really need my attention. It's beautiful and flawless, every time, and lasts all day. It truly is the perfect Busy Mom makeup.

You do need customized colors, take my quick color match quiz to get recommendations for what colors you need to get you started.

Or contact me and I will be happy to help with your selection (that's what I'm here for!).


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