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New Maskcara Summer Eyeshadow Bundle

Updated: Mar 16, 2019


If three is a crowd, get ready for a party in your palette because 3 brand new eyeshadows have dropped! See the all three newbies here!

Meet the newest members of the Maskcara Beauty Eyeshadow Collection:

Maskcara Beauty Cupcake Eyeshadow

Cupcake ($14)

Who says you can’t have your cake and wear it too? Bring out your sweet side with this soft and decadent eyeshadow that is the same shade as our Vanilla Dust powder!

Maskcara Beauty Bird Eyeshadow

Bird ($14)

Winging isn’t just for your eyeliner! Give flight to your wildest dreams with this warm and universally flattering neutral shade that matches our beloved Olive contour.

Maskcara Beauty Lullaby Eyeshadow

Lullaby ($14)

This silky serenade of purple and pink hues is ultra-pigmented and happens to harmonize in perfect pitch with every eye color.

The Good News is About to Get Even Better!

Maskcara Summer Shadow Bundle

Get all three of Maskcara's newest eyeshadow shades accompanied by customer favorite Pup. Apply them with Maskcara's dual ended I Shadow Everything Brush.

Store them in a gorgeous Sea Glass Square Compact.

Oh and pay only $56!!! That is a $30 savings! When does that ever happen? That's like getting two eyeshadows for FREE (and then some)!!!

If you love Maskcara Eyeshadows than your know these are a must to add to your collection. If you've never tried them before now is the time. I can't think of a deal better that this!

Click Here to BUY NOW

or visit the SHOP NOW page at (you'll find this deal under Collections and/or New Releases). It's snuggled up right next to the Maskcara Summer Collection.

Maskcara Girl

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