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Perfecting the Maskcara Beauty Perfector Sponge

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Maskcara Beauty Perfector Sponge

The magic of Maskcara comes together with the IIID Perfector Sponge. After applying your highlight and contour shades it is the Perfector that flawlessly blends everything together for a beautiful, fresh finish.

The IID Perfector Sponge is Maskcara's beauty blender. I have tried lots of beauty blenders and I can honestly say none, I mean NONE, compare to the Perfector Sponge. Similar to most beauty blenders, the Perfector Sponge is egg shaped which allows for ease of use in small and larger areas alike. The Perfector Sponge also maximizes water retention. This means that it won't absorb or dilute your makeup.

The Perfector Sponge can be used dry to remove or thin out product if it has been applied to thick in certain areas. However the sponge is best used wet to help really press your makeup into your skin for a flawless looking application.

The first step in using your Perfector is to wet it. Simply run it under water and instantly you will notice it absorbing large amounts of water. However before you press a soaking wet sponge to your face and risk removing all your makeup, make sure you drastically wring out the Perfector Sponge. Even after I squeeze it out initially I will squeeze it out into a paper towel to further eliminate excess water. The perfect Perfector will feel like a cloud, it will be soft and fluffy but not wet to the touch. It will also be double the size of where you started.

Maskcara Beauty Perfector Sponge

To use your Perfector to blend your makeup you will want to use a stippling motion. Gently dabbing it, bouncing it, along your skin. Use the smaller end to blend in areas under your eyes and along your nose and the larger end across your forehead and cheeks. The bouncing motion helps to press the foundation into your skin.

When finished, make sure to take care of your Perfector by washing it out after use. Nothing fancy is needed, just some good old soap and water. Lastly, make sure you set your Perfector in a place where is can easily dry off. Storing a wet Perfector in your makeup bag or drawer is the perfect opportunity for bacteria to grow, so make sure it can easily air dry.

It really is that simple and that amazing.

Maskcara's IID Perfector Sponge can be purchased on the SHOP NOW page for $13. When shopping, find them in the Brushes and Tools category.

Maskcara Beauty Perfector Sponge

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