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Summertime Skincare Routine with Maskcara Girl

5 Step Summertime Skincare Routine that will Leave Your Skin Glowing

During the summertime, images of kicking back on your deck, relaxing poolside or chasing kids around the park and through the sprinklers appear. Having a glowing, dewy look because of all the sun you're getting is also a given, right? This isn't exactly so!

Even though it may seem that all of that extra sun during the summertime gives you a beautiful, glowing look, what's really going on is sun damage. Summertime is the season to give your skin extra love and attention to prevent advanced aging, fine lines, dark spots, and of course the Big C - Skin Cancer. No worries! This easy-to-use, summertime skincare routine will leave your skin glowing AND healthy.


Okay, so using sunscreen in the summertime seems like a given but some ladies prefer the pretty glow of a sun tan to protecting their skin from damage. However, if you're not already doing so, you should be using a daily, lightweight moisturizer or sunscreen with at least SPF 30 throughout the year. If you don't wear a moisturizer with SPF, at least one of your daily facial products should have it.

Maskcara Beauty's Stay Outside Setting Spray with SPF 30 is a great option. A couple spritzes and you are helping seal in your makeup for a long-lasting application while still keeping that dewy look. If you want that beautiful, tanned glow, it's better to fake it. Try adding a bronzer to your makeup routine, check out Bella Creme Bronzer or Cayman Powder Bronzer as options. Or give yourself a tan with a (realistic) spray tan or self tanning lotion.

Maskcara Beauty Stay Spray and Bronzers


The heat makes you sweat so there's no need for moisturizer, right? That's not true at all! Moisturizer is especially needed during humid and warm temperatures. If you're concerned with oily skin, try using two different type of moisturizers for night and day. Your night moisturizer can be something like our MILK moisturizing cream which is made with natural milk components and helps to revitalize dry skin. It's also really great for repairing sunburned or damaged skin in case you're looking to reverse some of the side effects of skin damage. In the daytime, look to use a lighter, oil-free moisturizer that also has some SPF in it.

Maskcara Milk Moisturizing Cream

Facial Masks

Give your skin an extra boost of love by applying skin masks weekly. The proper mask can help you absorb extra oil, moisturize your skin and alleviate dry and red skin. Clay masks are best for absorbing extra oil, cream masks give your skin the extra boost in moisture it needs and gel masks help alleviate parched skin. Skin masks vary in type and results so use the correct one for your skin type.

Dark Spot Corrector

If you're a total sun worshipper chances are you have some dark spots. The sun tends to make dark spots, darker and even though you may get a pretty tan from all that sun bathing, it comes with even more dark spots! Regularly using dark spot correctors that have Vitamin C help to break down the hyper-pigmentation that causes spots, reduce the production of melanin while also brightening the skin to give it that natural, healthy glow.


Keep yourself hydrated by drinking (and eating) your daily 8 glasses of water. Dehydration causes a host of unwelcome issues. For the skin, that can mean dryness and flaking. Dehydration can also cause your eyes to look sunken and your skin to become wrinkled. 5 This can make you look much older than you really are – and no one wants that. Drinking water keeps your skin cleansed and hydrated, encouraging clear, fresh skin. By drinking water you flush out toxins and eliminate the dirt that clogs the pores of your skin, giving you a healthier glow. And in the summer you have the freshest fruits and vegetables available which are not only loaded with vitamins that can also help improve that look and feel of your skin but are loaded with water to help with hydration.

Hydrate your skin

So there you have it! The perfect summertime skincare routine is to use sunscreen or products with at least SPF 30 daily, moisturize, utilize skin masks and dark spot correctors as needed, and Hydrate! Of course, you want to make sure you properly remove makeup and cleanse the skin every morning and night to remove dead skin and flush out sweat, clogged pores in addition to this summertime skincare routine. Maskcara's Tres Leches - Skin Care System helps you accomplish just that with our milk-based cream, cleanser and toner.

For more skincare tips and how to coordinate your makeup application with a Summer Skincare Routine, contact me today!


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