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The Maskcara Summer Bundle Promo

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

It's Summertime!!!

Are you craving a sun-kissed bronzed complexion but don't have the time to spend hours by the pool or just don't want to risk the sun damage that could come with it? Don't sweat it!

The summer bundle is EVERYTHING you need for that instant glow without the damaging sun rays and excessive sun exposure.

Maskcara Beauty Summer Bundle

What Does The Summer Bundle Include?

Bella Creme Bronzer: This is Maskcara's newest addition and it's a beauty! This creme bronzer goes on your face so smoothly for the perfect summer sun kissed tan. Simply apply it on the areas of your face where the sun naturally hits. You apply it over your blush to give your face a beautiful glow. Or you can skip the contouring and just go for a more natural summery I-have-no-makeup-on-look (don't worry your secret is safe with me).

Hollywood Lip & Cheek: This lip and cheek color is summer perfection. It is the perfect shade to make you feel done up without looking done up ... you know what I mean??

B Squared Bronzer & Blush Brush: You can't have the perfect bronzer and blush not have the perfect brush to apply it with. That's just crazy!!! So this beauty is going to be your best friend. Use the small end to apply your blush in the apples of your cheeks and then flip it over and use the large fluffy side to dust on your bronzer.

Stay Outside Setting Spray with SPF 30: After you've applied your makeup, you can double down on protection. A few simple spritzes directly to your face or onto your Perfector Sponge to blend and you are protecting your makeup from running off your face and from the harmful rays of the sun. Score!

Maskcara Beauty Summer Bundle

So How Much?

If you were to buy all these products individually, it would cost you $93. But as a part of the Summer Bundle I can save you $14. So this bundle of joy (get it...) is only $79. The best shopping is discount shopping!

You can buy the package here or at

You will find it under Collections!

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